Super UDT2 Synthetic Universal Trans-Hydraulic Fluid (1 Gallon) – 70000-40201


Kubota Super UDT2 is a multi-purpose all-weather hydraulic fluid. This product is specifically recommended for use in the Kubota hydraulic, final drive, transmission, differential, and wet brake systems. Kubota Super UDT2 provides the following benefits to Kubota equipment: Improved transmission performance and protection at high and low operating temperatures – Unique friction characteristics on wet clutches enables smoother start off, drive control, and PTO connection – Superior corrosion resistance and efficient filterability protects transmission and hydraulic systems – Improved transmission efficiency through reduction in power loss – Meets Kubota’s stringent specifications

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Weight 8.0 lbs



B2301HSD, B2320HSD 4WD Hydrostat, B26, B2601HSD, B2620HSD, B2630HSD, B2650HSD, B3030HSDC, B3200HSD, B3350HSD, B7800HSD 4WD, BX1850D, BX1860, BX1870, BX1880, BX2350D, BX2360, BX2370, BX2380, BX23S, BX24D, BX25DLB Compact Tractor, BX2660D, BX2670, BX2680, L2501 4WD Hydrostat, L2800DT/HST 4WD, L3240HSTC 4WD Hydrostat Cab, L3301 4WD Hydrostat (HST), L3400DT/HST 4WD Standard or Hydrostat, L3540HSTC 4WD Hydrostat Cab, L3560HSTC Hydrostatic 4WD, L3700 SU, L3800 4WD Hydrostat, L39, L3901 4WD Hydrostat (HST), L3940HSTC 4WD Hydrostat Cab, L4060HSTC Hydrostatic 4WD, L4240 4WD Hydrostat & Glide-Shift, L4600 4WD Hydrostat, L47, L4740 4WD Hydrostat Cab, L4760HSTC Hydrostatic 4WD, L5040 Glide-Shift, L5240 4WD Hydrostat Cab, L5740 4WD Hydrostat Cab, LX2610HSDC, LX3310HSDC, M100XDTC 4WD (Cab), M110XDTC 4WD Dual Traction Cab, M126XDTC, M135XDTC/DTSC, M4D-071 HDC12 M4 Deluxe Cab, M5-091 HDC/HDC-1 Cab, M5-111HD/HD-1 M5, M5040HDC 4WD Hydraulic Shuttle (Cab), M6-101DTC M6 4WD Cab, M6-111DTC M6 4WD Cab, M6-131DTC M6 4WD Cab, M6-141 DTC/DTSC 4WD Cab, M6040HDC 4WD Cab, M62, M7040HDC 4WD Hydraulic Shuttle Cab, M7060HD, M8540HDC, M9540DT, M9960 4WD Cab, MX5100DT 4WD, MX5400DTC 4WD Cab, MX6000HSTC 4WD Hydrostat Cab, R430, R530, R630, RTV-X1100CR, RTV-X1120DR, RTV-X900W Worksite, RTV-XG850G, RTV1100CW, RTV1140 CPX, RTV900W6, ZG222-48" (Gas), ZG227-54" (Gas), ZG227LA-60" (Gas), ZG327RP-60" (Gas), L4701 4WD Hydrostat (HST)

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Mower, Tractor, Tractor Loader Backhoe, Utility Vehicle, Wheel Loader


B-Series, B26, BX-Series, L-Series, L39, L47, LX-Series, M-Series, M62, R-Series, RTV, ZG-Series

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Construction, Tractor, Turf, Utility Vehicle

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